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Is your neighbourhood any good? Check the facts about the local area around any property in England or Wales. Crime rates, schools, amenities, noise pollution, flight paths and more. Relax – it’s all here.

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every penny

We actually rejected a house we viewed and were keen on based upon the local noise information we discovered using Property Detective. Worth every penny. Mrs Landown – Norwich


”Saved me such a lot of time searching around the web and scribbling notes. It’s all here in one place. No brainer.” John – Clapham, London


”We were moving to Sheffield for my husband’s new job but didn’t know the area at all. Using Property Detective meant we could do most of research quickly from home. Invaluable service which saved us time & £££s.” Karen - Sheffield

Property Detective helps you research information about the location of a property, just by entering its postcode

  • Schools icon Walking and driving distances to local schools and amenities
  • Travel icon Local travel information
  • Demographics icon Neighbourhood demographics
  • Crime icon Local crime information
  • Nuisances icon Potential nuisances including noise, smells and flight paths.
  • Leisure facilities icon Leisure facilities and essential retail destinations
  • Tick icon Location information
    all in one place
  • Tick icon Saves you serious
    time and effort
  • Tick icon Helps you make better decisions about finding a home